REVA University Central Library is located in the heart of the campus and housed in an independent building with a carpet area of 35,680. sq.ft. is fully air conditioned, well laid out, and aesthetically designed to make it an inviting place with an ambiance that is suitable for learning and research. The library building has provisions for both individual and group studies making room for interaction, discussion, and quiet studies. Adequate space is provided for browsing and relaxed reading, from 8.00 am to12.00 midnight providing a mix of learning environments to meet different student aspirations and teachers’ needs.

The library has gone digital with various options, making access and reading easy and convenient. Online access to a vast range of information, including electronic journals, e-books, e-question papers, e-Publications, and e-thesis are available to all the students, researchers and faculty members. Also through NDL National Digital library & NPTEL's Video Streaming System users can view all programs/ courses brought out by them.

The University has implemented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices), to provide the easiest, faster, and most efficient way to track, locate and manage the library materials and also automatic check-in and check-out.


The REVA University Central Library is engaged in learning and discovery as essential participants in the educational community. We develop, organize, provide access to and preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generations of student’s faculty and scholars. 


To provide continuous access to information to the students and faculty members of the University to facilitate teaching, learning and research for achieving excellence in higher education.  

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